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The Gentlemen Project was founded in 2015 as a way to teach best practices on how to be an effective parent. Quickly we realized the power in sharing stories of family legacy and principles that make us who we are. The Gentlemen Project is the premiere venue to both share and learn lessons that have generational impact.



Unapologetically help build intentional relationships that lead to stronger family bonds and more successful outcomes for children and families.


To be the premiere source for inspiring content for strengthening and building successful families.


As busy fathers, we often found ourselves feeling like we didn’t have the tools to successfully teach and influence our children the way we really wanted to. Through thousands of conversations, we have found we aren’t alone in feeling that way.


Kirk Chugg is the father of 4 children and has been happily married since 2003. He and his wife Carin have navigated the exciting world of entrepreneurship and self employment since 2005. Kirk started creating a simple curriculum for his sons in 2013 to teach them the qualities and attributes of being a gentleman and the Gentlemen Project was born. Kirk counts this work as one of his life’s highest callings and most valuable blessings.



Cory is grateful for his involvement in The Gentlemen Project, a venture he joined due to Kirk's inspiring approach to intentional parenting. Previously feeling as though he was merely parenting passively, he now enjoys his role as a co-host on The Gentlemen Project Podcast. He values the insights from each guest and considers his family—his wife and three children—as the most significant part of his life. Additionally, Cory is proud to serve as the CEO of Big-D Construction.

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