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We are real dads, dedicated to fatherhood

We are real dads, just like you. We have jobs that take us away from the family and we get upset and frustrated just like most dads do. Through the sharing of ideas, building community and sharing those things that work for us, we are stronger. When we are strong, it gives our kids that much more of a chance to show up to change the world.

Who Are We?


we do.

We help you create a family culture

Every dad is different, every household is different and every kid is different. Noone has ever raised a kid in today's world until this morning. Creating relationships of trust and support between you and your children will be the difference between success and failure as a father.  We help you create the vision and culture that draws you closer to your kids and puts you in a position to help them succeed. 

What We Do.


it works.

No one will do it for you-but we will help!

Becoming a part of the Gentlemen Project will be a game-changer for you and your kids. You'll receive information that will help you decide direction and goals for your family. Through our unique books, interviews with real dads on the podcast and actionable Daily Do-Dads, you'll know what you have to do as a father to step up and lead your kids like a champ!

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